Cassie McWilliam

Division I All-American, Cross Country and Track and Field

Member of U.S.A Track and Field Teams

3-time World Champion, Ironman 70.3

Member of U.S.A. Resident National Team, USOC, Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs

Member of U.S.A. Triathlon World Teams

U.S.A. Triathlon All-American Triathlete

Division I Scholarship Athlete, Swimming, Running


Spencer smith

ITU Men’s World Triathlon Champion X 2

ITU World Triathlon Junior Champion X 1

ETU European Triathlon Champion X 2

BTF British Triathlon Champion X4

Ironman Winner X2

Youngest ever ITU Men’s World Champion at the age of 20

First athlete ever to win back to back World Titles

Winner of over 100 triathlons throughout his career